Why I Love Philippe Ferrandis

I was a “consumer” long before I began my business partnership with Ferrandis. I bought my first signed piece at an antique show in Chicago in the late 1980’s. I researched the provenance to no avail. Several years later, while shopping in Paris, I discovered another one of his pieces. Thankfully, his signature is quite unique. The necklace was a diamond among the dust in an average jewelry store in St. Germaine, and I knew I was on to something exciting! Yet, I still had no results from any of my research on Ferrandis! A few years later, I was on my way to the Bon Marche and passed a PHILIPPE FERRANDIS boutique. You can imagine my surprise & delight. Although, I didn’t wear much “costume jewelry” at the time, I began to collect his pieces. Each time I was in Paris, it was a special treat to add to my collection. My “treasures” grew as did his retail empire. Some years later, while shopping at his Rue St-Honore boutique, I came up with the idea of offering his jewelry to MY retail clients. I made an appointment at his atelier to buy for my store. I was surprised to learn that he had worked with every major couture house and is now a consultant for Swarovski as well. I was timid at first and bought from only 2 collections. I will never forget the names “King Kong” and “Alice In Wonderland”. Philippe is extremely prolific and does about 30 collections per year, naming each one. They sold out at my store immediately. Jewelry became a big part of my retail shop’s merchandise mix and Philippe Ferrandis remains the STAR! As the saying goes, it was a match made in heaven and we have a strong friendship & partnership to this day. I am thrilled to bring Ferrandis to my NoPassportRequired.net shoppers.
Vicki xxoo