Why I Love Dominique Denaive

Surprisingly, I first learned about Dominque Denaive from one of our best clients. Knowing we are “all things Parisian”, she came into the store one day asking for his jewelry by name. Sadly, I had to be truthful and tell her I was not aware of this designer. Naturally, on my next Fashion Week in Paris buying trip, I did my research. I discovered a display of his work at the tents in the Tullieries. I really didn’t think his work was our style at first, because at the time we were known for our very splashy, sparkly, high-fashion Parisian statement jewelry, and Denaive is anything but that. His look is a more relaxed classic “artisan” styling. However, after meeting Dominique Denaive’s daughter Emma, I was charmed by her and educated about resin jewelry in general. With my new found knowledge and based on my client’s request, I decided to do a small trial order. His work had an amazing sell through at the shop.  Subsequent buying trips found me increasing our buy until Dominique Denaive became our best selling designer. The quality of his work is outstanding! Each individual “stone” or component is HAND polished EIGHT different times, all the fittings are 24K gold plated, and they even make their own stylish “keeper” bags, works of art in and of themselves. The colors are ever changing (twice per year) so there is always something NEW to look for in his line. Happily, we have developed quite a loyal following. On a personal note, I now know the entire Denaive family and consider them to be great friends. They are wonderful people who are deserving of all of their success, and we are happy to be a part of it.

Vicki xxoo